Like Chris Rea, I am driving home for Christmas. Update info….

I will be heading off to London tomorrow (via 5 days in Los Angeles).

As you can imagine, I am more than excited to return home and will try and update the site once a week, but, it is going to be hard as I haven’t seen my family or friends in years. I obviously want to spend the time with them. However, I have a few updates coming so keep checking as I will try….

This is the first time I will be returning to London as a vegan. I am so intrigued to see how we are a) dealt with and b) options we have. London has always been the cutting edge of food so I am hoping it is good news.

It is also my first ever Christmas as a FULL vegan. I am going to have to try and avoid my mums determination to get me to eat cheese. Haha.

And I couldn’t post something to do with Chris Rea and not tell you my dads favourite joke ever (I fall for this every time)……


Did you know Chris Rea has just joined Dire Straits?

Thay are now know as Dire Rea.


Haha. I’ll see you soon Blighty. Los Angeles (and Crossroads, Cafe Gratitude, Real Food Daily etc etc) I’ll see you tomorrow.

Any other LA suggestions, please ket me know!

Listen – but do yourself a favour and buy it on vinyl!!

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