Vegemite Crumpets with Avocado, Roast Cherry Tomatoes and Almond Feta

This is probably the most Aussie recipe I have ever included on this site. That’s alright, I can deal with that, the food in Australia is exceptional. What is not fine though is the fact that I have tried (believe me I have tried!) to get this recipe to work with marmite, but it just simply does not. For those that don’t know, there is a HUGE vegemite vs marmite argument between the Aussies and the English, with the English favouring the far superior marmite and the Aussies liking the diet coke that is vegemite.

However here, diet coke wins and you need vegemite.

Now, Aussies, don’t read the next paragraph……

I have grown to REALLY like vegemite. Like its superior big brother marmite, it is a yeast extract, an acquired taste and a good source of vitamin b12. If you have not tried vegemite, don’t do what everyone does and eat a teaspoon of it by itself, your mouth will fall off if you do. Spread it on some (vegan) buttered toast and enjoy. It has a milder flavour than marmite which is probably why it works well here and you are going to have to trust me, it does work well here, it works amazingly well with avocado. You can get vegemite in pretty much any large supermarket, worldwide, now.

With regards to the other ingredients, try and get some of the bigger, squared crumpets, they are bigger for a start, but the square shape helps hold everything together. You will also need a batch of my vegan feta from last week and some roasted cherry tomatoes. I usually buy a small tub of cherry tomatoes and slow roast the lot of them. Halve them, lay on a foil lined tray, season with salt and pepper and add a glug of oil and then roast for 90 minutes at your ovens lowest setting. Mine is 120 degrees Celsius. I usually do this once a week as they go with everything and roasted cherry tomatoes, if you have not tried them, are natures sweet/lolly. They are exceptional little buggers!

Serves 2


  • 4 crumpets (large square ones if you can get them)
  • Vegan butter/spread
  • Vegemite
  • 6 cherry tomatoes, slow roasted for 90 minutes at 120 degrees celsius
  • Avocado, cut into thin slices
  • Batch of vegan feta, recipe here
  • Lemon, to serve

Cook it:

  1. Toast your crumpet
  2. Spread on some vegan butter/spread
  3. Spread a thin (or thick) layer of vegemite
  4. Lay over the avocado slices and roasted cherry tomatoes
  5. Sprinkle over enough almond feta to make you drool
  6. Squeeze some lemon juice
  7. Get it into ya!

Recommended Tunes:

Various Artists “Kill Bill: Vol. 1 Soundtrack

watched Kill Bill recently for the first time in years and I had forgotten what a great movie it is. I think I prefer volume 2, but I much prefer the soundtrack to volume 1.

Have a listen, it is really special. It is probably not Quentin who selects the songs, but I bet he has to approve them and he always chooses amazing music. I really like a Stax filled “Death Proof” soundtrack too. In fact, listen to that right after this!

Listen – but do yourself a favour and buy it on vinyl!!

7 thoughts on “Vegemite Crumpets with Avocado, Roast Cherry Tomatoes and Almond Feta

  1. A brilliant pairing. Vegemite and feta and Kill Bill all rolled up into one. A gladiators breakfast if ever I saw one. Excellent food, blog and music. I just found your blog and stuffed it into my RSS Feed Reader. From an Aussie and her Brit rocker husband (both vegans) we salute you!

    Liked by 1 person

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