Major Developments Happening At Long Player Kitchen

I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know about some major developments that are happening here at the Long Player Kitchen headquarters!

Long Player Kitchen has been my passion for the last 2 years. I have updated every Sunday without fail, give or take one or two times, and I am proud to say that everything has gone exactly to plan.

As of this post, I have over 700 followers and nearly the same amount on my YouTube channel. I also have over 2000 followers on Instagram and have met many cool people through the various social media platforms.

When I started Long Player Kitchen, I wanted to combine my 2 passions – music and food. The idea was to share the foods that I had eaten when I went through a massive shift in my own persona, from bloated musician to skinny (skinnier) music fan! I am an avid vinyl collector so each recipe is shared with a good album to listen to.

Something happened though that I could NEVER have foreseen. Like most people, I used to be disgusted with Mixed Martial Arts. I thought it was mindless violence and anyone into it was a brain dead idiot. Sound familiar? Well in November 2015, the UFC came to Melbourne and I secured a couple of freebie tickets from my work. A good friend is a fan (not a brain dead idiot!), so I reluctantly went with him and that night, my whole life changed. I was instantly hooked. It wasn’t until I spoke to a few people that were into it who explained the whole thing to me, the dedication, the technique, the physical game of chess that it is, that it became an obsession. I decided to start training MMA, not to compete, I am nearly 40 and have ZERO desire to compete, but to push my body with the hardest training I can possibly do AND do it as a vegan. The idea of being a “vegan not to be messed with” is the appeal! Haha. Well after a few setbacks (the main one being a year out with a shoulder tear before I even began training) I am finally a few months into my training and I could not love it more. The people in my gym are great. They are humble, they take the piss (like me), they are funny and they treat each other like family. Some of them you would NEVER believe trained in martial arts and could kill you with their bare hands!

Sorry, I am getting off track….

My point is, this new obsession has majorly affected Long Player Kitchen to the point where the food on here is getting more and more fitness and sport based and that was never my intention for it.

I have decided to setup a sister company to Long Player Kitchen and have it dedicated to fitness, MMA and specifically the nutrition required, as a vegan, to train in such a high impact and demanding sport. Therefore, Long Player Kitchen posts are going to go down in numbers whilst I work away behind the scenes (trust me there is a LOT I need to do) for the remainder of 2017.

When it is up and running, I will go back to what I intended this site to be. This is where you are going to find the recipes I have on my cheat days! If you are after the fried chicken, pizzas, burgers, curries etc, they will be on here. If you are after different protein smoothies, oatmeal collections, tofu salads and various health recipes and articles, the new site will have it.

Bear with me whilst I continue to push this “brand” forward. I am still loving this site and Long Player Kitchen is still my baby, I just need to have two outlets for the different sides of me as they really don’t cross over well!

Thanks and here is to the future.

Juddy Brown.

P.s. In the mean time, have this photo of me as the UFC champion and in absolutely no way a created character in a video game!!!


4 thoughts on “Major Developments Happening At Long Player Kitchen

  1. Kudos on the mixed martial arts training. It’s tough. I know it’s tough because my niece is a West Aussie female champion. I will miss the amazing recipes but wish you all the best with your new blog and can’t wait to see new recipes here.

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    1. Thank you so much. Don’t worry, this site will be back to normal as of January and back to the way I intended it to be! That is great about your niece, most people think I am crazy because I started at 37! It is not even about MMA, I am completely new, the one thing I noticed was the lack of information for vegans doing such a high performance sport, so thought this gap needs to be filled! Your niece isn’t vegan by any chance is she? I am looking for people within the MMA field to interview!

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