Introducing Maximum Vegan

Hello you utterly beautiful mofos.

I have been working extremely hard the last month or two on starting up a new site that I would like to introduce you to….

When I started Long Player Kitchen, I did so with the aim of combining my two passions – music and food. I am proud what I have built with LPK but something completely unforeseen happened to me a couple of years ago and my love of running evolved into training in my other passions – MMA, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This has pretty much taken over my life and whilst music will always be my main love, my life is now dedicated to creating healthy recipes for vegan athletes to aid recovery and power through workouts.

I didn’t see that one coming either!

So I have setup Maximum Vegan to stop confusing people (and myself) with the recipes I make. I am still dedicated to LPK but this is where you are going to find the fried chick’n, burgers, pizza, sausages etc. The food I eat on my cheat day!

Maximum Vegan though is not going to be limited to recipes. I aim to build a HUGE resource of recipes, nutritional articles, interviews, videos and information for all athletes, not just MMA followers or for anyone who simply wishes to lose a few pounds or it could just be someone who would like to make healthier choices for an improved quality of life. Hopefully everyone will find something of use.

I am excited for this one and am looking forward to seeing how everything evolves in 2018. Thanks for your support and please go and follow Maximum Vegan if you wish to do so!

If none of this interests you at all, don’t worry, I will definitely still be working on quality recipes here too, but for the next month or two, I am going to be concentrating on Maximum Vegan.

Cheers guys and happy new year,


PS I have no photos suitable for Maximum Vegan yet, so have a big photo of my ugly mug. you’re welcome!







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