The concept of this blog is simple. I want to combine my 3 passions – Music, food and fitness. I will be posting some amazing (plant based) recipes and matching each dish with a timeless album to listen to, whilst cooking. As of 2017, it is my aim to share some articles on the fitness regimes I have created/used on my journey too.


Music is my life. I have played guitar in bands for decades. My day job is working in Royalties for The Mushroom Group. I teach guitar in the evenings and am an avid vinyl collector. I LOVE teaching people about music they are unaware of or introducing people to new/old bands they may not have heard before.

My music tastes include, but are not limited to; rock (all forms), indie, funk, hip-hop, jazz, blues, soul, alternative, punk, britpop, house,  pop, big beat etc. I do not enjoy Country, folk or metal. Sorry.


Food is my second (but equal) passion. I have cooked for most of my life and am 100% self taught, except for a few lessons from my mum! Read the ‘My Story‘ page for why I eat the way I do (mostly plant based) as I would like to explain my thought process behind the recipes and the philosophy I use on my food here. I grew up a teenager in 90’s Britain. There was a mod revival going on at the time that I threw myself into (I am more of a mocker these days – thanks Ringo!) . Modernism is a British subculture born in the 50’s and popularised in the 60’s. The concept was for working class people that didn’t have a lot of money, to look their best and as though they were worth a million bucks, by using what they did have, wisely. A $100 suit that fits well and has been tailored to the individual, will always be better than a $4000 bespoke suit that fits poorly. This is the exact philosophy I use with my cooking. Cheap ingredients that are used well. Cooking on a budget that you would confidently feed to Royalty.  My recipes will all be healthy (OK the odd one may not be!) , taste amazing and will be done with a rough around the edges attitude.

All recipes will be free of eggs or cows milk. I firmly believe dairy to be the root of most peoples health issues, but I am not a preacher and will not mention this again!

However, all recipes will be easy to substitute an ingredient with eggs or milk, if your prefer. I do not judge.

The recipes on here are 100% plant based. Try it, it will change your life.

Take the recipes and make them your own. Let me know how you go, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do….


If my 20 year old self could see the 36 year old I have become, creating a blog in which he would share fitness articles and stories, he would  naturally assume someone had killed him and an imposter had taken over Juddy Browns life. But that is not the case, when you lived as excessively as I had lived and as unhealthily, when you give it all up and start afresh, you need new addictions, mine was optimising every part of life, to be the best human I could be and that meant to increase my fitness to what it was when I was 19! Years of abuse and 20 years of heavy smoking has taken its toll, but I will never use that as an excuse. This site is based on the concept of rebuilding.

Music will always be my first love, but I am totally passionate about football (Liverpool FC!) and Mixed Martial Arts these days too. I have learned not be so 2 dimensional and allowing 4 passions instead of 2 will only ever make you more interesting to be around.

From 2015 to 2017, the goal was to lose weight. In early 2017, I achieved this by reaching my 20 kg (45 lb’s) goal with low intensity training and diet. I can jog at a slow pace for 10 kilometers, easily now. The new goal is to increase anaerobic health with  various circuits and high Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and to finally start training in Mixed Martial Arts.

All will be posted here.

Enjoy the site.

Take the recipes and make them your own. Let me know how you go, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do….




11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Juddy!
    Just dropped by to let you know I’ve nominated you for The Sunshine Blogger Award! Your posts always make me smile and that’s worth celebrating 😊 Don’t feel pressured to respond, it’s taken me months to do mine. Here’s the link to my post: http://wp.me/p6UDky-3pn
    Have a ‘bright, bright, bright sunshiney day!’ ☀️


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