Diet Types Explained

To feature in these categories, the recipes have to fit a certain description.

The recipes on this site are all vegan and plant based so it goes without saying that they contain no eggs or dairy, however I recognise that not everyone is vegan, some people just want egg free recipes and so I have split the recipes up for these people.

Sugar Free:

To fit in this category, the food simply has to contain no added sugar. I am not into the extreme side of banning fruits or parsnips. I am vegan and am limited enough with what I can eat. Fruits and veg are an essential part of anyone’s diet and should be consumed by all. Adding sugar is not good though  and where possible will be left out. Desserts and certain sauces/marinades will contain some sugar though.

High Protein:

I consider anything above 25 grams to be high protein. If it is 1 or 2 grams below then I will add it and note the protein amount. Everything can be customised and it is not difficult to bring something up to 25 grams if it is sitting at 22 grams. Bodybuilders will hate me saying 25 grams is high protein but they are strange and this site is built on good tasting vegan food. Vegan bodybuilders tend to go with quantity over quality. Fair play to them, but it is about taste in the Long Player Kitchen.


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