My Story

My name is Justin James Brown. My friends call me Juddy. Since 2007, I have called Melbourne, Australia my home but I am originally from London, England.

In late 2013, I was a mess. I was way overweight (tipping the scales at almost 100kg’s), I had liver disease caused from a layer of fat surrounding one of my vital organs, I was unfit, wore a XXL and generally unhappy with how things were going in my life. Most of my younger years were spent abusing my body in any way I possibly could. I was a musician and lived a clichéd musician’s lifestyle. I spent most of my life sweating it out in a rehearsal studio or on a stage. Food was the least of my concerns and on the odd occasion I did eat, it would be a burger or kebab at midnight. I was stick thin so it didn’t matter to me that I was killing myself. The issues started when I stopped being in a band. The burgers, curries, beer and kebabs all remained, but the sweating it out didn’t. I could always cook, but would cook completely the wrong foods. My weight slowly crept up, I developed disastrous digestion issues and after a visit to a nutritionist, I realised that something had to be done, and something had to be done quickly.

Actually that is a lie, I had tried the quick route before, with silly fad diets. This time, something had to be done RIGHT, and that meant slowly. I decided on making a complete lifestyle change. I took up running and totally changed my eating habits. I turned to a 100% plant based diet. My nutritionist gave me a blood test which showed that I could not disgest anything made with eggs or cows milk properly. I decided to go the full vegan distance and I am so glad I did, it saved my life. I built a repertoire of amazing plant based dishes. I was amazed at how great I felt, how diverse the food was and how tasty it could be. Within a year I had smashed my goal weight (losing 15 kg’s)and gave myself new targets, I had COMPLETELY reversed my liver disease, I wear a medium now (at 6 foot tall, I am happy with that!), feel great and my happiness has increased tenfold.

I still eat a plant based diet. I highly recommend a plant based diet and that is what this blog is based on. The dishes that saved my life and made me a better person and not to mention made my cooking skills go through the roof. I hope you enjoy these recipes, I hope they can change your life, like they did mine.

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