Tofu Scramble Episode 1: The Classic

It had to happen eventually. I have avoided it for ages because EVERY vegan site or cook book has a tofu scramble. The simple fact is though, when transitioning to this lifestyle, the tofu scramble can be a life saver. I used to eat eggs every morning without fail. Giving up eggs was without a doubt, the hardest part for me. The tofu … More Tofu Scramble Episode 1: The Classic

The Juddy Bowl

This is my take on the “Buddha Bowl”. The Buddha bowl apparently gets its name from being “a bowl which is packed so full, that it has a rounded “belly” appearance on the top, much like the belly of a Buddha”. Seems a bit rude to me! So I have named mine the Juddy Bowl. No, not because it resembles my … More The Juddy Bowl