Vegan Loaded Nachos

So whose got the best nachos recipe, myself or you? I’ll give you a hint, it is definitely nachos! Hahahahahahahahahaha Hahah Ha OK sorry, that was bad. If bad means AMAZING! Anyway….. Nachos…. I have never really eaten these as a main, I have always used them as a side or shared starter, but inspired … More Vegan Loaded Nachos

Homemade Taco Seasoning

My girlfriend and I have a tradition every Tuesday of ‘Taco Tuesday’. I think the trend is gaining popularity everywhere, but round our way it is a Religion. It started off with us being lazy. We would have packaged corn tortillas, packaged guacamole, lettuce, onion, a tin of re-fried beans and some form of protein, usually veggie mince … More Homemade Taco Seasoning

Lentil Chili

Everyone should know how to make a good Chili. It is one of the first things I made when giving up meat. A student staple, most people know how to make a good one, but here is mine. It is winter here in Oz and I must have been here a while because for the … More Lentil Chili