Classic Bruschetta

Good bruschetta is an amazing thing. It is usually a starter but I like to make massive portions and have it as a meal. The thing I like about brushetta is the simplicity. It is classic Italian food. In other words it is ALL about the quality of your ingredients. I like to sum up … More Classic Bruschetta

Broccoli Pesto Pasta

I think everyone likes pesto, don’t they? Well, normal people do anyway. One thing I have only really started experimenting with is different types of pesto. You don’t JUST have to use basil and pine nuts. Also, parmesan is DEFINITELY not a must, especially for us crazy plant based fools, of course! As always with my cooking, … More Broccoli Pesto Pasta

Basic Seitan Recipe

Of all the foods on the planet, seitan is definitely the most unfortunately named. It also has probably the most unfortunate appearance, just before it is cooked. But it is made from a dough, no doughs look good, pre cooking! Let’s face facts, seitan will never win over a meat eater. My main goal with this site is … More Basic Seitan Recipe