Classic Bruschetta

Good bruschetta is an amazing thing. It is usually a starter but I like to make massive portions and have it as a meal. The thing I like about brushetta is the simplicity. It is classic Italian food. In other words it is ALL about the quality of your ingredients. I like to sum up … More Classic Bruschetta

Broccoli Pesto Pasta

I think everyone likes pesto, don’t they? Well, normal people do anyway. One thing I have only really started experimenting with is different types of pesto. You don’t JUST have to use basil and pine nuts. Also, parmesan is DEFINITELY not a must, especially for us crazy plant based fools, of course! As always with my cooking, … More Broccoli Pesto Pasta

Pesto Spelt Pasta

I wanted to make a good vegan pesto pasta but I wanted to take things a little further. Pesto is a great meal but the high level of oil doesn’t make it the healthiest. So I set out to make a pesto-like meal with some added extras and replacements. Italians hate it when you fuck … More Pesto Spelt Pasta